Letter to the Editor – Photos show 2023 Spring Runoff into Wawa Lake

Dear Brenda

These two photographs show the north and south ends of Wawa Lake. These photos were taken March and April 2023.

These photos show the ponding and resulting sediment-laden water that is entering the small creek that flows into Wawa Lake.

Ponding along Road 806 (Loonskin Lake Road) just before the hill alongside the gravel piles. The photo on the right shows the snowmobile trail as it comes off of Wawa Lake. You can see the runoff as it enters the lake.

This photo shows piles of sandy snow removed from Wawa’s streets that is now melting into our drinking water (right next to the water intake). Ironically this is right beside the sign that says “Drinking Water Protection Zone”.

This is the latest in the runoff that’s going into Wawa Lake. These pictures tell the whole story.
I want to know who is responsible for what is happening to Wawa Lake. Do you?
People who share my concerns can contact me by email at: [email protected]
Joe Leadbetter
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