NPI Ushering in New Public Policy Strategies for 2023

Given the wave of new municipal and provincial decision-makers, the latest mini-paper series by Northern Policy Institute dives into key considerations about a range of policy issues that can be used to inform the development of policy portfolios moving forward.

Samrul Aahad and Kerem Karabeyoğlu, authors of the Northern Ontario Quick Hit Insights Series, spoke with subject-matter experts from across Northern Ontario on food security, immigration, physician recruitment, post-secondary education and homelessness.

“As residents of Northern Ontario know, these policy issues, while incredibly important to building community prosperity, are but a fraction of the overall policy picture that make up Northern Ontario,” says Rachel Rizzuto, Research Manager at Northern Policy Institute. “There is a lot of action being undertaken in Northern Ontario to tackle these issues and getting that information in the hands of decision-makers is critical, especially those new in the municipal and provincial governments.”

Based on the findings, there are several recommendations the series outlines:

  • A more collaborative approach with shared electronic records could yield a more effective and encompassing delivery of services for those who are struggling with homelessness, mental health and/or addiction,
  • Strengthening population retention through increasing housing quality and affordability,
  • Addressing the funding issue for post-secondary institutions, including Indigenous institutions,
  • Creation of targeted food security strategies, and
  • Increasing incentives for physicians to work in Northern Ontario.

Want to learn more? Read the series here:

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