Give workers 10 employer-paid sick days, and make them permanent: NDP to Ford

Peggy Sattler, NDP MPP for London West, released the following statement in response to the government’s announcement on paid sick days:

“It’s cruel for Doug Ford to keep stringing workers along months at a time, never giving them enough paid sick days. At this point, he’s offered a maximum of three days to last a full three years. What happens if you’ve already used up those three days over the last two years? What happens if a worker or their child is sick with a non-COVID-related illness? This puts workers right back at square one, forcing them to choose between going to work sick and making coworkers and customers sick — or losing pay. And it subsidizes large profitable corporations that should be providing paid sick days but aren’t.

Workers deserve 10 permanent employer-paid annual sick days. The government should pass my Stay Home If You Are Sick Act as soon as the Legislature returns.”

Ontario NDP