Thunder Bay is hosting the Tbaytel 2022 Canadian National Martial Arts Championships & Festival

Thunder Bay is hosting the Tbaytel 2022 Canadian National Martial Arts
Championships & Festival for the first time ever. The excitement around the city is starting to grow,
and because the event will attract national attention, it aims to help grow the martial arts

Preparations with the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse at Lakehead University for the championships
began months ago. The facility’s senior coordinator, Jenny Veal, says they can’t wait for the
event to take place. “It is the National Championships,” said Veal. “It’s one of the largest
events that we have held since the pandemic began and it will bring people from all over. It’ll
really reactivate tourism, bring people in, and get people excited again.” With the Ontario
government and the CEDC supporting the event, Veal says that could be a big boost to
tourism and the city.

Of the many volunteers at this year’s event, the local organizing committee is expecting many
of them to be members of local clubs including support by the Peng You Tai Chi Academy and
Thunder Bay Martial Arts Council. Organizing Committee Chair Ken Boshcoff, says his
members feel honoured to be a part of a major Canadian sporting event. “Our club members
are thrilled anytime that we can get involved with these types of events,” said Boshcoff. “It
just really gives us a sense of pride and the fact that we can rally enough volunteers and
participants to make this happen.”

Boshcoff added that hosting a “Kung Fu Masters Gala show” on the opening night has the
possibility to inspire those interested in learning the martial arts, and showcase what makes
this now recognized Olympic Sport truly great.

“I think it gives people who are interested in martial arts and culture, an idea and a look that
shows it’s possible to do it, and shows that it is fun and it’s exciting, and it’s not just for action
movies and television.” Performances will include the highest levels of Kung Fu Masters and
Champions from across Canada along with spectacular displays of Chinese Lion and Dragon
Dancing. “Anybody can be involved in the martial arts which has participants ranging from
children to seniors, which is a reason we decided to invite all children 12 and under to the
events FREE of admission fees.”

From July 29-31, you can catch the Tbaytel 2022 Canadian National Martial Arts
Championships & Festival at the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse at Lakehead University. Tickets are
available at

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