ONE person, ONE record, ONE system


The Lady Dunn Health Centre, along with 23 other hospitals across northeastern Ontario is launching the ONE Initiative.  ONE stands for one person, one record, one system.  The ONE Initiative is a transformational project in northeastern Ontario to improve patient care through the implementation of a single electronic health information system (HIS) across the region.  The Health Information System will go live in November 2023 to improve patient safety and transitions in care, with a shared electronic medical record.

Meditech Expanse is the electronic platform that will be used for this new health information system (HIS).  The total cost of the project for the hospital is approximately 1.5M.  The Foundation is committed to raising $240,000 over the next 2 years.  We are well on our way with over $100,000 raised through Catch the Ace, Wish and Giving Tuesday campaigns.

As well as specific fundraising campaigns, the Foundation also supports Long Term Care, Palliative and Cancer Care.


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LDHC Foundation