Measurement Month: Collaborating to collect comparable data in Northern Ontario – Take the Survey!

This February, Northern Policy Institute, in partnership with organizations across Northern Ontario, is launching Measurement Month. Measurement Month is an effort to collect consistent, comparable data to inform decision-making at the local, regional, provincial, and national level for Northern Ontario. Given the demographic challenges facing Northern Ontario, this inaugural Measurement Month will focus on racism, reconciliation, and welcoming.

Additionally, there is a chance for respondents to win one of ten $100 prepaid VISA gift cards for answering a survey below. Interested parties, please respond to the survey most suited to your situation and share with your networks.

The surveys will be open from February 1 to 15, 2022.

Employer Preparedness Survey

  • Measuring and assessing the ability of employers to meet the unique needs of immigrants and diverse groups.
  • Eligible respondents: Organizations/businesses in any industry, that have at least one employee.

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Individual Experience Survey

  • Measuring and assessing individuals’ satisfaction with support services and related resources in their communities, as well as the welcoming efforts of each community.
  • Eligible respondents: Any individual currently residing in a Northern Ontario community.

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Service provider capacity

  • Measuring and assessing the capacity of service providers to meet the needs of immigrants and diverse groups.
  • Eligible respondents: Any service provider in Northern Ontario.

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Exit Survey

  • Measuring and assessing perspectives of individuals who have migrated out of a Northern Ontario community.
  • Eligible respondents: Any individual who has lived in a Northern Ontario community previously, but has since left the community (even if they moved within Northern Ontario).

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Experience With Racism Survey

  • Measuring and assessing individual experiences with community racism and potential interventions.
  • Eligible respondents: Measuring and assessing individual experiences with community racism and potential interventions.

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For more information, and to view all surveys, click here.

The results of this survey will be generalized in reports published by Northern Policy Institute and other survey partners. No personal identification will be revealed. As well, anonymous groupings of the data collected will be shared, on request, with the survey partner organizations, policymakers, and program delivery agencies across Northern Ontario.

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