Blustery Winds on Wawa Lake – Possible Waterspout at Montreal River?


The wind is really blustery today. So blustery in fact, that the weather gauges at recorded a gust of 38.9km/h at 8:10 this morning. The wind also changed direction, it was running west, and is now northeast. The gusts may have blown one of the new benches out into Wawa Lake. The first reports were that it was a good 20 feet into the lake, but by the time this photo was taken, the waves had pushed it back to shore. Municipal staff have been alerted.

But of much more interest is the sudden storm that blew ashore at Montreal River this morning at 7:22. The next images show what might be a waterspout, but may also be stuff on the lens. A storm did blow through at that time, and weather radar imagery at Montreal River substantiates that.