From the Branch – Remembrance Day 2020

Yes, it was a real shock to have our Last WW2 veteran Albert Nicholas pass away. We were very proud to have him as long as he did and he will be missed as door guard and my partner for many Public speaking events. He also always had a nice word for everyone he met at the post office or anywhere around town.

May he rest in peace and we will remember him.

Please take time to see the Veterans displays that our Comrade Noreen has placed in the windows of Fenlon’s Pharmacy, Dawson & Keenan and the Wawa Post Office. Thanks to Comrade Noreen and Cindy Jozin and these businesses for bringing “walks down memory lane” regarding the  local Veterans during this “Remembrance Week”

We hope all members have now paid their dues at this time. The senior dinner tickets are now available for the event on November 29 and 30th.


The following poem is about a father who was wounded in WW2 and was found among the dead after a major battle, and came very close to have not survived but luckily made it. One of the horrorible moments of war.


Counting the dead

“Wars Enigma”


It feels like endless time has past

Could it have been a lifetime or two.

The distant rumbles are approaching fast

All my thoughts reach out to You.

A symphony of light appears

The deadly darkness spits and snears

The jagged snowflakes are visible now

Floating and dancing in the glow.

I think of home and wonder how

If I should die will my family know.

The thundering bursts are here at last

Soon I shall breath no more.

A simple prayer that the end comes fast

For once again war’s hell is at my door.

I think the time of our Lord has shown

And a urgent voice is inching near.

It sounds like someone I have known

A quiet descents upon my fear.

As I lay here among the fallen

I hear the voices of my dead Comrades callin.

The fading mist of my breath now lost in black

I have no strength to answer back.

“Is that You Sarg, Thank God, thank God I heard your moan”.

Your tour is over lad, Merry Christmas You are going HOME!”


To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.



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