Northeastern Ontario Tourism (NeONT) announces new Board of Directors

Northeastern Ontario Tourism (NeONT) is pleased to introduce their 2020/21 Board of Directors. NeONT is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the region as a premier travel destination with the goal of increasing tourism revenue for our partners, and the region as a whole. NeONT nurtures productive relationships with partners and within the industry by listening to partner feedback and developing targeted marketing initiatives that speak to the region’s (RTO 13A) key travel markets. This region encompasses communities within the Districts of Nipissing, Sudbury, Manitoulin, Timiskaming and Cochrane.

Lara Fielding takes on the role of Chair of the Board, as Margaret Palmer’s successor. Lara is a creative innovator, branding strategist and marketing expert with more than 18 years of experience creating impactful visual brand solutions for high-profile companies across several industry verticals. She is thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with the entire Board of Directors:

Board of Directors

Lara Fielding

Steve Dreany

Shawna Panas-Cole

Margaret Palmer
Past Chair

Jocelyn Bebamikawe

Andrew Dale

Nicole Grigorov

Marnie Lapierre

Shelba Millette

Tony Thomas

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to work closely with the NeONT Board of Directors and tourism community at such a critical moment in the sector. Closer cooperation will allow us to jointly overcome the challenges and share the opportunities to serve the NeONT organization better. The wealth of experience and expertise residing within the individual members of the Board of Directors is an invaluable source of knowledge and will be of great value in the facilitation of an efficient exchange of best practices both internally and with our key stakeholders,” said Lara Fielding, Chair of Northeastern Ontario Tourism.

The Board would like to thank Margaret Palmer, past chair, who will remain on the board and a special thank you to Guy Lamarche, who will be leaving the board after his 6 years of service. Guy who has given 41 years to the tourism industry in Northern Ontario has very recently retired from the City of Timmins will be spending some quality time with his family.

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