From the Branch – September 23

Seventy six years ago this week, Operation Market Garden was fought. In the summer of 1944, the Allies launched a daring airborne operation to secure the River Rhine crossings and advance into northern Germany. Although it ultimately failed to achieve its objectives, the determination and courage shown by the airborne troops and the units that assisted them made Market Garden one of the Second World War’s (1939-45) most famous battles.

Excerpt from George Dykes’ story of his trip from No. 1 Fighter to 100 Squadron _ “.. and so we stayed overnight at the village inn, ‘The Shakespeare.’ Stap me! I really had a good time that night. That’s the second time Shakespeare’s given me a headache, once in school at home and once in an English Village.”    Wings Abroad, 1941

A big thank you goes out to Mary Spitzer of Fenlon’s Pharmacy for a box of masks to be used in the Legion.

The membership cards are in and let us all be Early Birds and get our memberships renewed as soon as possible; the Branch needs the funds. Pick up your memberships at the Legion Branch Office.

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or in nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers, we wish you well.

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