Garbologist’s Report – Wasn’t that a Party?

Wasn’t that a party!

A few weeks ago, young “adults” got together at a secret location and let loose – not that I blame them, being cooped up for so long…

But here is my concern: you guys (and girls?) drank over 60 cans and bottles of alcohol (Smirnoffs, Bud Light, Busch beer, and other types of booze) but left the mess!

Have your parents not taught you better? You brought it there, couldn’t you take out the empties? You are our future, show some respect for the place we live in and don’t be so ignorant. And there is another no-no: the fire pit was still warm, enough to start a fire – luckily, there was no wind that morning. And did somebody forget his or her phone? Beside other tell-tale items?

I am very sad and disappointed in you guys, having picked up trash myself for over 27 years. Have you not paid attention? Please behave responsibly.

Karin Grundt
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