From the Branch – July 1

Canada Day is here and after ALL that time Canadians are really happy to be Canadians and living in this beautiful country.
I can remember my first day in Canada as if it was yesterday. We had flown from Amsterdam via Iceland to Montreal.
It was kind of a chaos but we made our way to the Railway station and after a while we found out that the services and trains were downstairs. So we went there and checked in (after I dropped my suitcase on the stairs) and Lia was carrying Nick jr who was 8 months. When we boarded the Conductor told me that the stroller had to be checked so I went and did that while Lia was scared I would not make the train in time but the conductor put her at ease. From there we went to Toronto which took all afternoon. So when arriving in Toronto I called a number I was given in Holland from the Dutch emigration services
but No answer. Now What? My sister Dien had gone to Canada a few weeks earlier and was in Brantford. So I bought tickets to Brantford. When arriving there my sister and family was at the station. So that night I slept in a chair and we were now HOME. 10 days later I had a job at $0.85 hr. and the rest is history.
At the Branch we took down the sign on the hall and send it to Jim Aquino for a refreshing paint job and it should be back soon. Some supporters had made donations for this job and NOW is the time.
The Legion bursaries this year went to Nicolas Lafreniere (ECSJ) and Jacob Larrett (MHS) and we wish them good luck in their future.
Johnnie was going to stay a week at his Grandparents who lived in a highrise afew blocks from their home.
When arriving there Johnnie said “Dad I have a question?” his dad said  “Not now, Johnnie “
So when the lift reached the 7tn. floor Dad said “Okay Johnnie, what was the question?”
So the lad said “DAD, I forgot my suitcase… can we go back to get it?”
To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.
Brenda Stockton
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