Men’s Night Golf – June 25

102 Players

1st Flight: Joel DeChamplain, Max DeChamplain, Jesse DeChamplain – 3 under par 33
2nd Flight: Chis Buckell, Dylan Buckell, Gilles Pelletier – 2 under par 34
3rd Flight: Anders Morden, Bradley Case, Brandon Case – 1 under par 35
4th Flight: Kevin Sabourin, Paul Weaver, Ross Hall – 1 over par 37
5th Flight: Jason Rouleau, Noah Asselin, Jarett Asselin – 2 over par 38
6th Flight: Braydon Spooner, Jarret Ralph, Dominic Chase – 3 over par 39
7th Flight: Bart Wood, Larry Wood, Ron Henson – 8 over par 44

Special Event Winners:

Men’s Night $15.00 Cash Prize Closest to Hole #1: Cliff Ingham
Northern Lights Ford $25.00 Cash Prize Closest to Hole #2: Shane Bukowski
Wawa Motor Inn $25.00 Voucher-Closest to Hole #3: Anders Dereski
Men’s Night $15.00 Cash Prize Closest to Hole #4: Jeremi Lord
Canadian Tire $25.00 Voucher Closest to Hole #5: Mike Belanger
Men’s Night $15.00 Cash Prize Closest to Hole #6: Joel Dechamplain
Mission Motors $25.00 Cash Prize Closest to Hole #7: Derek Chapman
RD Yard Care $20. 00 Cash Prize Closest to Hole #8: Jason Belisle
Men’s Night $15.00 Cash Prize Longest Drive Hole #9: Dave Hall
Subway Sandwiches $20.00 Voucher Closest to Hole #9: Adam Domich
Winner: $10 Clubhouse Voucher: Danny Mathias
Winner of Cash Draw for $51.00: Ryan Cooke

Hole in One Competition on Holes 3 & 7 for $1,337.00 – NO WINNER – Hole in one competition includes holes 3 & 7.  50% to the Winner & 50% to the Club.

25 Foot Putt  for $581.00 – 4 putters: Marc Szekely, Luc Belanguay, Connor O’Shaughnessy, Michele Lemoyne – Putt off will
happen July 2nd.

Trivia Question: Who was the first golfer to score a hole in one in 2020 at our Club
ANSWER: Louise Moran. Took a Driver and rolled it calmly into the cup on #3.

Happenings this week at the Michipicoten Golf Club: Call in on Monday morning’s at 8:00 a.m. for your tee time. Please call 705-856-7409. Please remember to bring cash, no debit or credit cards for Men’s Night entry.

Thank you to all that support the club weekly. A very big thank you to all our local sponsors for the 2020 season!! Without their support Men’s Night would not be the success it is today.

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