From the Branch – June 24

Finally we were able to have a membership meeting at the Branch last Thursday. So it was possible to have the Executive to take care of business until September.
Everyone was wondering when we could open up the Hall for some events and do some fundraising as there is not much change left in the old sock. A few suggestions were made but they all depend on the situation with Covid19. So we will have to be patient.Now that June is almost gone July 1th. And CANADA DAY are upon us we will celebrate OUR country with a long history of freedom and participation in fighting in many places to restore freedom and safe lives of oppressed people. And with the variety of immigrants from many countries we have now a place for many newcomers to call home.

The Legion as been home to the veterans of 2 wars in which the best of our young men and woman served and died or were wounded so others could live in peace. And still many young soldiers are now doing peacekeeping and help at home with disasters. Lately they assisted in Long Term Care Homes for the aged to help fight Covid19 and saved the lives of someone’s parents and grandparents. We are very thankful for their efforts and sense of duty putting their health and life on the line helping the front line workers in those institutions who were battling a unknown enemy virus.

So if you have a Veteran in your past or present family think about joining the Royal Canadian Legion and help make our community a better place for all those who serve our country, help those who are in need, and help educate our children who are the next generation to make our future secure. Membership also has it perks as many companies give discounts to Legion members.

Two young mice came outside of the home were they had their nest on a warm summer night.
Just at that time a couple of bats flew by looking for mosquitoes.
So one of the mice said…. “ That is what I want when I grow up ……. Join the AIR FORCE”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.

Nick Veldt
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