From the Branch – June 10

Yes, this past weekend was the 76th Anniversary of D-Day and COVID-19 did a number on that historic fact also. But I am sure a lot of people were reminded in one way or the other. It seems so long ago; but for those of a older age it looks like NOT so long because we were there at the time.

And as I went past the Branch this week, a conversation I had a few years ago came to my mind. It was 1946 and 47 when most of the veterans returned home. They needed jobs and training for the new post war economy. So was the case in Wawa and the Algoma Steel Iron ore mine took quite a few.

So the idea of building a Legion Hall came up and after some meetings it became to pass. A lot was donated by one member, others in the forestry started cutting trees for lumber and anyone with a trade was offering their expertise in their chosen fields. And after the building was up the members chose a President and officers. Then came the daily operations with committees chaired by members and became part of the Royal Canadian Legion and received their Charter.

Later a Ladies Auxiliary was started to help the Veteran run Legion and community spirit became aware of needs in the town and assistance for young and old started with sports, education and help for the hospital who had to take care of Veterans who had physical or other problems. But most members at that time were young and healthy and their cruel memories were well pushed away from their minds and were not even talked about.

Another local Memorial is sometimes overlooked and I mean the Renaud Bridge and Plaque in the Mission so
if you get a chance go down and listen to the Creek going into the lake and contemplate the moment of peace.

So for now stay safe healthy and keep your distance but SMILE.

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.

Nick Veldt
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