Garbologist’s Report – Cindy

A phone call came every spring around this time from Cindy: “When are we going to start? The snow is gone on one side of Hwy 17…” and immediately plans were made and additional help was contacted.

No call this year from Cindy, she has left us and with her the whole garbologist movement. She joined us many years ago, she was the youngest between us retired volunteers. Her enthusiasm was intoxicating. She cared so much about our outdoors and living things on this planet. No terrain was too difficult or weather too awful to stop her from picking up other people’s trash and cleaning our surroundings.

Many times, when the forecast was near freezing with brutal winds, I turned “chicken” and was tempted to cancel our session. Cindy insisted, “Let’s go! Let’s do it!” No gully was too deep for her to climb down to retrieve a can, broken glass, pail, or whatever soiled nature. She overturned my belief to pick up only the “cosmetic” or visible trash, because our area is so large and time too short, as well as energy level limited. She was thoroughly hard-working and committed. Many times after an exhausting cleanup, I complained about my body letting me down and having to eventually give up this senseless activity.

But the question always trailed…. who will take over? And with enthusiasm, Cindy responded “I will!”.

Thank you Cindy, you made a huge difference and I miss you. I can only speak about the loss between us garbologists, but you did so much more for the Wawa Community Food Bank, and caring for people and animals. A chained, neglected dog would bring tears to your eyes. Without you, the garbologists will never be the same. From now on, every time I pick up a piece of trash, I will always think of you. The world needs more Cindys. It was a privilege and joy to have you in my life.

Sincerely with love,


Karin Grundt
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