From the Branch – April 22

So now we are in April, 75 years ago a lot was going on with our WW2 veterans some were in Apeldoorn and north of Zutphen. Jack Myers and his tank regiment went North of Arnhem and liberated Otterloo after a fierce battle. He then went to Putten were they were thanked and hugged as in October 1944, the town was raided and 602 men were taken and sent to concentration camps where most of them perished
and only 62 returned after the war. This was a reprisal of an ambush on a military vehicle by the underground resistance.

Zwolle was liberated by a single soldier Leo Major who send the enemy packing and saved the town of destruction. A real hero from the Regiment de la Chaudiere. (Google him). In Arnhem where the whole population was evacuated after September 1944, the British Polar Bears took the town and went West to Wageningen. The Canadians arranged for food transports to the western towns of The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam were populations were starving.

At the Branch all is quiet and only our President is taking care of business till the Corona crisis is over.
So stay safe and stay home and things will get better again.

Kevin comes home after a round of golf with his friend John.
So his wife asked him “Why don’t you ever play golf with your friend Pete who also is a golfer?”
So Kevin replied ” Would you play with a guy who swears when he misses a putt, throws his clubs all over the fairway and cheats with his strokes or moves the ball?”
So his wife said “No way!”
And Kevin said, ” Neither does Pete!!”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.

Nick Veldt
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