Talent Abounds in Wawa “Don’t Go Out”

What a bright song admist all the darkness of this pandemic. Drs. Jami Shaffaf and Dr. Sean Robinson created this Don’t G Out a pandemic parody of Don’t Start Now (Dua Lipa). The concept is credited to Sean amd the lyrics, video editing and choreography by Jami. There is no mention as to how long it took them to film and create this video – but they did a fabulous job. Thank you!


If you ever wanna see peeps…

Now my memory’s hazy, crazy
Thinkin’ bout the way it was
Did the quarantine change me? Maybe
I’ve already used all my cups

I’m so bored already
But we’re going steady
We’ve got so much longer to go, so

If you don’t wanna see a COVID reign that’s endless
If you want to believe that you and me can stop this
Don’t show up, Don’t go out
Don’t start spreading that virus now
Stay away, you know how
Keep 2 metres back from me now

Don’t be that guy who tries to
Be smarter than everyone
Let the science show you it’s time to
Look out for more than number one

Now my phone is blowing up
With my friends showing up
On all my House Party calls, cause

If we keep up this long-term widespread indoor recess
We could stave off the worst and give ourselves a great chance
So don’t group up, don’t go out
Don’t go travelling, not allowed
Wash your hands, you know how
20 seconds, then take a bow

Oh oh,
Don’t go out, don’t group up, no
Don’t show up, clean takeout, oh
Don’t give up

Oh oh,
Don’t go out, don’t give up
Gotta make that TP go far…


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  1. Amazing. You have to love the energy and the smile this sharing performance puts on your face! Thank you