COVID-19: Raise your Northern Voices

Statistics Canada recently released two surveys to assess the impacts of COVID-19 in Canada, developing new approaches and products along the way to better serve Canadians and deliver insight through data. GET YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Northern Policy Institute is strongly encouraging all northern businesses to respond to a new “crowd sourced” survey just launched by Statistics Canada. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce <> and Statistics Canada<> are pulling together time-sensitive data about what businesses are going through as they struggle with COVID-19 and how they are planning for the eventual recovery. This survey will help inform solutions to foster business survival and continuity. It will be open for response until Friday, April 10, 2020, and is available online by clicking here <>.

The Canadian Chamber aims to work with a multitude of business and industry associations in order to bring the full benefit of their respective memberships to the survey.

The second survey is addressed to all individual Canadians. Taking this five-minute survey will help your country, province and municipality acquire reliable information on the current economic and social situation, as well as on people’s physical and mental health. Statistics Canada states, “this information is crucial in order to effectively assess the needs of communities and implement suitable support measures during and after the pandemic.” This survey will be open for response until Thursday, April 16, 2020, and is available online clicking here <>.

“It is critical that northerners respond to these national surveys”, says Charles Cirtwill, President & CEO of Northern Policy Institute, “federal and provincial responses will be assessed against and guided by the response to this survey. It is time to raise your northern voices and be heard.”

All levels of government have been active as this pandemic continues, and we should too. All are experiencing the impacts of COVID-19 but, working together is what makes Northern Ontario stronger.

Raise your Northern voices and fill out the surveys!

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