Good Morning Algoma-Manitoulin

Good morning Algoma-Manitoulin,

I hope you are doing well. As I and my team have been taking in and returning calls to people throughout the day, I have been finding most people in good shape but there is no doubt that this is not an easy period. However, as I have noted before, it is impressive how neighbours and communities are going out of their way to help each other.

In yesterday’s developments the Government issued their list of essential businesses and work that are to continue through this period. The document is here . There is a lot of ambiguity and this has led to people not knowing whether their workplace is or is not covered. The Government has said that they will be launching a 1-800 number to allow people to check in finer details. When it’s available I’ll post it. I know people have questions about how extensive the list of essential businesses is. Your questions are legitimate, the government needs to explain some of the items on that list. I have received a lot of questions about construction sites, mines, and sawmills for example.

In addition, the government announced a reduction in hydro rates for the next 45 days. The emails and calls to my office were very heavy on this and I imagine the Premier saw the same thing. I’m pleased and commend them in providing this much needed relief.

Today at 4pm the Government will be unveiling its financial statement in place of presenting a budget. It will be live broadcast and you should be able to see what it plans to do to help people at this time.

You should be aware that a self assessment for COVID-19 has been posted if you want to assess yourself in relation to the disease

Hope you’re all doing well … more updates to come … stay tuned … stay healthy … #StayHome

Take care and wash your hands … #socialdistancing #flatteningthecurve #wereinthistogether

Michael Mantha- MPP

Mike Mantha