Horwath calls on Ford to publish a comprehensive COVID-19 emergency response plan

NDP Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath has issued the following statement on the urgent need for an Ontario-wide COVID-19 emergency response plan:


“Ontario’s public health units and frontline medical teams are doing an exceptional job containing the COVID-19 virus, and I’m grateful for their tireless work. I am hopeful this outbreak is not going to get worse, and patients with the virus today will make swift recoveries.

It’s becoming increasingly disturbing that no plan has been communicated to cope with a potential influx of patients, since hospitals are already bursting at the seams. Workers may have to go to work sick because there’s no plan to make it easy for them to stay home. Businesses have heard of no government plans or programs they can look to for assurance that they’ll be helped through the economic storm, or that recovery, if necessary, will be supported by the province. The economy is showing signs of trouble, and Mr. Ford has said nothing helpful.   

As Leader of the Official Opposition I have requested an immediate meeting with Doug Ford to discuss COVID-19 and to urge him to publish a comprehensive COVID-19 emergency response plan for Ontario.”

Ontario NDP