National Heritage Day – September 21

National Heritage Day recognizes the importance of Hunting, Trapping and Fishing in the lives of Canadians and its part of our legacy and our cultural heritage.
Trapping remains an important part of Ontario. Last year $39 million was spent on trapping in Ontario and the contribution value of hunting, fishing, trapping in Ontario was of $20 billion.  Over 8,000 trappers in Ontario and over 50,000 commercial trappers in Canada will be celebrated and will be celebrating the tradition of trapping on Saturday, September 21, with families and friends.
These are people who live and work close to nature and in harmony with nature.
In addition to operating their registered traplines, trappers provide a valuable service to private owners and local municipalities across Canada.
Trappers are the front line conservationists. They are the real naturalists. They are often the first to recognize changes in wildlife habitat, the spread of wildlife disease or the decline of wildlife populations.  Trapping occurs in every region of Canada. During the year, trappers promote trapping by volunteering many hours of greeting, talking, informing and sharing with the public at Sportsman Shows, Cottage Shows, Plowing Competitions and hosting workshops, reunions and Rendezvous.
Happy National Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day!