Graduation Rate Continues to Climb at HSCDSB

The Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board (HSCDSB) is proud of its continued increase in graduation rates. The Board takes great pride in the fact that its graduation rate increased from the previous year. At St. Mary’s College, 81% of the Board’s students completed the requirements for their high school diploma within four years; 84% earned their diploma in five years. The provincial graduation rate for this same cohort of students is 83% (four-year rate) and 86% (five-year rate).

The four and five-year graduation rates were significantly higher for students who began with HSCDSB in Grade 9 and graduated from the board. Of these students, 85% graduated within four years and 88% of them graduated within five years. By contrast, fewer than half of students who began Grade 9 in HSCDSB and transferred to another board in Ontario graduated within four years; just over half graduated within five years.

“The collaboration, efforts and dedication of all students, parents, HSCDSB employees, parishes, and community partners/organizations have led to much success,” explained Danny Viotto, Superintendent of Education.

“Cooperative relationships, safe and healthy environments, intentional programming and timetabling, and faith-filled atmospheres are just a few key factors which have allowed the focus to remain on learning.”

“The variety of course types available to students at St. Mary’s College, coupled with the diversity of subjects taught, a focus on the development of 21st century skills, and specialized programs have allowed students to study topics of personal interest to them and at an appropriate pace, level, and environment,” added Director of Education, Rose Burton Spohn.

“All of these factors contribute to students remaining focused and engaged in learning.”

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