Cleanup Done – Consider Recycling

If it wasn’t for the ‘handful’ of caring, energetic people who were not afraid to get dirty, our surroundings would still look like a…

I tip my hat to the nurses and hospital workers with their families who took on Hwy 101 – what a great job! Thank you!!

The 3 entrances to Wawa are now inviting and clean, what a task that was. Hwy 17 north to south is 90 bags of trash lighter, and two truckloads of plastic bottles and glass are not going to the landfill. The beer cans alone brought $78.80!

The circumference of approximately 10 km of our little town is (or better: was) clean…what about the thousands of kilometres where nobody cleans? Yes, mother nature is very forgiving and grass will cover it…And when sweeping the mess under the carpet, or ignoring the problem fails, we ship our trash to the Philippines or Malaysia, where it will age (more valuable), and then we get it returned for a price tag of 300-thousand dollars of taxpayers’ money; because nobody has use for diapers and household trash. Pardon my sarcasm, but it is sad and inexcusable that our big, rich country has no solution to deal with the growing need for the disposal of our over-packaging of goods. Much of the responsibility should, of course, belong to the manufacturers of products as well as the education of the consumers.

Other countries have a solution; as a matter of fact: recycling is a big profitable industry– but not here!

Be kind to our planet till next time.

Karin Grundt
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