Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day


Today, Friday, May 17th is “wear your life jacket to work” day. Mr. Boucher, a teacher with the HSCDSB and a certified kayak and water safety instructor, brought in some life jackets to talk to the students at St. Basil’s Catholic School in White River about water safety.


Mr. Boucher emphasizes to his students and the community that even though this holiday weekend is considered the “first weekend of summer,” for many of us in the North the water is still too cold to swim in safely. If someone falls into the water, they can’t swim for very long and they sometimes choke on the cold water when it hits their face. The only way to be as safe as possible, even if you think you are a good swimmer, is to wear your life jacket. Having it with you in the boat is not good enough. We always wear our seatbelt to be as safe as possible, even though we don’t plan to get in a car crash. Seatbelts and life jackets don’t make us perfectly safe, but they make us a lot safer.


Most drownings that happen are because people don’t wear life jackets. Please enjoy the water as safely as possible.

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