OPP – Late Season Snowmobiling Safety

As the 2019 Snowmobile season winds down, snowmobile operators are encouraged to avoid crossing waterways as ice conditions are unpredictable and slush is prevalent. In addition, before planning a trip be sure to check the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide to ensure your intended route is indicated as being open. Be mindful that private landowners often close gates and become active on their property when the clubs post trails as closed. Respectful consideration of private property is important if the trail network is to be sustained.


Warm weather in the late season can pose a problem for snow machines as they become susceptible to overheating. This is a common occurrence which can lead to a mechanical failure and an unintended stay in the bush. Be prepared and ensure someone is aware of your route and expected time of return. When planning fuel stops be sure to consider late season trail closures. Carry extra fuel, high energy foods, water and fire starting items when possible.


The Northeast Region Snowmobile, ATV, Vessel Enforcement Unit (SAVE) wish to remind snowmobilers to ensure helmets are worn at all times and are securely fastened. Keep to the right side of the trail and watch for washed out trail sections which are common at this time of the year. Sled safe, sled sober and respect private property.