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Andy Stevens has a puzzle and is hoping that a curling fan in Wawa may be able to answer his questions, and fill in some missing data. He explains that the Legion has on display a trophy know as the “Branch 429 President’s Trophy Annual Bonspiel”.


He borrowed the trophy and copied down the names of the winning teams over a period of years. He is hoping that someone might know the missing information.


If you do, please use the comment form below and the information will be shared with Andy.


Year Skip Vice Second Lead Note
1954 Ken Thompson R.Mills R.Fisher R.Berdusco
1955 Des Stewart B.Wilson M.Bain B.Rosenplot
1956 M.Laing A.Pratt P.Giddens J.Schneider
1957 J.W.Coutu J.Myers A.A.Docherty C.J.Docherty
1958 W.Amos H.West W.Cybulski J.Forsythe
1959 M.Laing A.Pratt D.Giddens J.Schneider
1960 W.Amos W.Cybulski H.West B.Turner
1961 M.Laing A.Pratt D.Giddens T.Oliver
1962 White River
1963 T.Lawson H.Bell R.Giddens B.Jaca
1964 D.Stewart T.Hicks N.Roussain A.Fournier
1965 B.Amos R.White W.Cybulski H.McCallough
1966 B.Coleman A.McLeish K.Thompson H.West
1967 B.Amos R.White E.Pigeau R.Thompson
1968 G.Crawley M.Worley H.Ferguson G.Axelson
1969 J.Jannison L.McLuskie B.McMillan O.Prentice Soo
1970 G.Keating H.McCluskie B.Bond S.Desaulnier
1971 Shield Missing
1972 T.Lawson E.Peterson R.Strand H.McKeen
1973 G.Cawley M.Worley G.Axleson H.Ferguson
1974 G.Keating H.McCluskie B.Bond S.Desaulnier
1975 J.Jannison F.Card J.Baker B.Bowman Soo
1976 J.Jannison F.Card J.Baker B.Bowman Soo
1977 R.T.Lawson L.V.Calkins K.Peterson R.Strand
1978 B.MacMillan V.Harris B.Springgay B.Watson
1979 J.Jannison J.Blake R.James J.MvNicol Soo
1980 Ray Carthill Hart Gordon Bob Collins Gord Carlson Soo
1981 Dick Erechook Nester Erechook Ray Baronette Mark Simpson
1982 Dick Erechook Nester Erechook Ray Baronette Mark Simpson
1983 B.Erechook Larry Schneider B.Roberts Jr. B.Burry
1984 Bernie Erechook Bruce Burry Allen Gerrior Bill Roberts Jr.
1985 Dick Erechook John Konnigen Ray Baronette Bill McGie
1986 Bernie Erechook Bruce Burry Larry Schneider Bill Roberts Jr.
1987 No Record
1988 No Record
1989 No Record
1990 P.Gerrior P.Russ J.Russ Art Hicks
1991 No Bonspiel
1992 Alain Morin Greg Mills Earl Mills Brad Chitty
1993 Frank McRae Reg Spencer Don Fletcher Shayne Wardrop Legion/Union




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