Don’t Feed the Coyotes!

It is not a secret that Wawa has a healthy population of coyotes. Any evening drive along Wawa Lake from Dr. Rose’s Beach to the Drill Rig will probably allow you to see at least one.

Despite being beautiful, coyotes are omnivores – they eat small rodents as well as local vegetation (berries, fruits, nuts). They also eat small animals such as rabbits or rats – and cats. Bird feeders as such are not really edible for coyotes – but the little birds that come to the feeder are. All omnivores are opportunistic eaters – if there is food out, they will eat it. And then hang around hoping that there will be more food appearing that they didn’t have to hunt.

Wawa has a significant population – and a team of hunters have been given permission (with very strict guidelines) to harvest some of the coyotes. This is one way to try and manage a population, but the easiest is for residents of Wawa to not offer any easy eating opportunities.

DON”T feed them. Some local residents have discovered dog food being left out on a local trail for the coyotes to find. Unfortunately the location was also part of a trail system where a number of residents take their dogs out for exercise and socialization with other dogs.

DON’T let your animals run free. Wawa has always had a problem with dogs and cats running free. Small dogs and cats can become an attractive food source for coyotes. Last year a small dog was attached and severely injured in a coyote attack. Sadly it perished from it’s injuries. Even in a fenced back yard your small pet may not be secure.

We are blessed to live in our small community, only a five minute walk to enjoy Mother Nature. But the reverse is true. Wawa is only a few minute walk for a coyote, wolf or bear to enter our community, find a food source, dine and leave. Let’s not provide a beautiful buffet that they will continue to visit.