Wawa’s 2018 Parade of Lights



The Santa Parade Saturday night was great. There were lots of floats, and lots of spectators lined up along the street to watch and perhaps get a treat. Despite sitting in my truck recording, a youth came up and gave me a lollipop! At the end was the float we all were waiting for – Santa. He was joined by Sparky, and both of them were waving and wishing all a Merry Christmas.

After the parade, everyone joined at the MMCC for one of the 253 cinnamon buns baked and donated by Judy. I think she could have made double that, and still run out. They were delicious and so was Mike Paquette’s hot chocolate and marshmallows (double spoonful was asked by many!).

Then everyone went out to check out the decorated houses. The winners of the 2018 Parade of Lights are:

1st Place – 17 Maple
2nd Place – 148 Regina
3rd Place – 172 Regina 
4th Place – 22 Maple 
5th Place – 27 Birch

The lights are still up, go out and have a second look; they make our town look pretty!