Wawa Community Food Bank – Summer Update

The volunteers of Wawa Community Food Bank wish to thank the many individuals, organisations and businesses who have made donations over the summer months.

Individuals have given an eclectic variety of items. We have gratefully received clothing, cash donations, egg cartons, toothbrushes, assorted food and hygiene items and beautiful vegetables from local gardeners. Our appreciation goes to Susan Alajoki, Fern Albert, Theresa Black, Jackie Blanchette, Mike Chauvin, Lorna Chiupka, Kelly Moore-McKenzie, Anne Owen, and Susan and Terry Switzer.

Many thanks go to Cindy Szekely for planting, maintaining and harvesting the plots at the Community Garden site.  Thank you as well to those who place anonymous donations in the drop bin inside the main doors of the EDC.

Organisations and businesses have also helped out our clients over this period.

We would like to acknowledge the monetary donation from Renee Mellish, as the representative of Nurses’ Week.

Pastor Mike Paquette from Wawa Baptist Church provided bags of sweet corn.

As it has over many years, Wawa Salmon Derby contributed corn and bread products and other food items.

The Bargain Shop donated a rare treat in the form of a case of chips.

Ron Ingram from Desbarats Farmers Market has been very generous in his support. Over the course of the summer he has provided cases and cases of fresh produce; our clients have certainly enjoyed his broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, beans, rhubarb, potatoes, tomatoes, squash and so on. The option of these healthful food choices is very important to those on a restricted income.

We also extend our thanks to organiser Laura Mitchell and the Bumps, Babies and Beyond Expo on Saturday, September 8 for designating Wawa Community Food Bank for a donation. Best wishes for a successful event.

On average, 40 households each week rely on our local food bank to supplement their needs. This household number represents up to 75 individuals, including seniors and many children. Every donation received, large or small, is appreciated and allows the service to continue. Thank you Wawa.

Wawa Community Food Bank