Don’s Doing Art Classes!



Don painting in his winter store in Sault Ste. Marie.

Don has had many passions in his life, fishing, music, painting. Now he has added a new talent to his list, teaching. Don has started teaching art classes at Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park. His classes are held every Tuesday (July and August), and if you wish to attend (there is one today), call The Lake Effect Gift Shop at 705-882-2026 or Don Charbonneau at 705-852-1069 to reserve a seat. For the measly sum of $15, all your paint materials are supplied, and you will go home with a completed painting!

Don explains, “I worked in this Park in Agawa Bay in the early 70’s clearing brush and fallen trees. I remember the best part of the day was sitting down enjoying a cup of tea brewed over an open fire and listening to the “big rolling waves crashing on the shore”. A lot of imagery and memories have made their way into my Lake Superior inspired songs and paintings.”


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