Hughes lauds Dubreuilville ALS activist in parliament

On the cusp of ALS awareness month, Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP, Carol Hughes paid tribute in the House of Commons to Dubreuilville ALS activist Eddy K. Lefrançois for his determination and advocacy.

“Eddy K. Lefrançois is an ALS advocate from Dubreuiliville with a remarkable story to share,” said Hughes.

Hughes cited Lefrançois as an example of someone who defied the odds in many ways and refuses to be limited by ALS.

“Diagnosed in 1992, Eddy was told he only had 3 to 5 years to live, but he never stopped fighting. Instead, he pursued a bucket list that most able-bodied people might find daunting,” said Hughes. “Eddy has travelled overseas, participated in indoor sky-diving, and even hunted white-tailed deer!”

Apart from personal challenges, Eddy has also devoted a great amount of time and effort as an ALS activist.

“He maintains his own website and is a tireless advocate for others with ALS and for research,” said Hughes. “Eddy wants to bring about greater public awareness of the disease and dreams of a day when ALS is treatable, not terminal.”

Hughes told parliament that Lefrançois is motivated by the hope of a breakthrough in research that would change to prognosis for those diagnosed with ALS.

“Last June, Eddy raised over $43,000 in Sault Ste. Marie’s annual ALS walk,” said Hughes.  “On Saturday, Eddy and his Team will be participating in the walk again.

I am sure Members will join me in thanking everyone taking part in ALS walks this month and congratulating Eddy for his tireless advocacy and indomitable spirit, even 25 years after being diagnosed.

Let’s Roll Eddy!”