St. Margaret Mary Cemetery has Beautiful Fence

Oct 19, 2017 @ 10:17


Although the St. Margaret Mary Cemetery has not had a burial in many, many years (1954), it is still a sacred place with what is said to be 100 individuals buried there.


Unfortunately, during the winter, snow machines have been using the cemetery as a means to cut across from Mission Road to Winston Road. Despite signage declaring this a cemetery, people continued to drive through the cemetery. Last winter, the Municipality erected a temporary snow fence which was effective. However, the labour and maintenance was time and cost consuming.


It was decided by Council to erect a permanent fence. Last week Municipal employees installed a beautiful, decorative fence, with a gate, bearing the “St. Margaret Mary” upon it. “Requiem escat in pacem”.


Brenda Stockton
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  1. What a beautiful fence! Great job by municipal council and staff.

  2. Jenny thornton Woodly

    as a kid growing up on Klondike Ave I often went there to sit and enjoy the peace. Respect is needed for sure, those are the ancestors of many locals.

  3. This is longggggg overdue. Growing up on Winston road, we never walked through the graveyard, instead we took the long way around. It was out of respect.