Andrea Horwath – Liberal response to the cost of hydro ads

Sep 27, 2017 @ 08:12

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement regarding the Liberal government’s response when the NDP revealed documents showing the government is spending $5.5 million on advertising to counter negative media coverage of high hydro bills:

“The Wynne Liberal government is spending $5.5 million to counter people’s negative view of their high hydro bills. When asked why, Minister Liz Sandals said that ‘People find the bills quite confusing.’

I can see why Ontario families are insulted by this answer. They understand their bills quite well – they understand that they are far too high. 

Hydro rates have gone up over 300 per cent under the Liberal government and Kathleen Wynne’s new borrowing scheme will cost us an extra $40 billion or more.

I believe there’s a solution. The NDP plan for lowering hydro bills will save everyone at least 30 per cent and bring Hydro One back into public ownership, so that Ontarians have control over our hydro rates again. We need government to focus on what matters – that’s making life easier on Ontario families, not an ad campaign that designed to use public money to help out the Liberal party.”

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  1. Please explain…HOW? What is your plan? You would be more convincing !!

  2. Subject: YOUR ADS RE REDUCED HYDRO RATES ( COPYN OF email sent to K.Wynne )

    I recently read where your Government is spending MILLIONS to advertise the “hydro price cuts”.

    Does any of this make any sense? This to me only proves how FRAUDULENT the hydro bills of the past 3 or 4 years have been… never mind advertising PRICE CUTS.. reimburse me for the OVERCHARGING of the past. This WYNNE Government rarely, if ever, answered questions posed to them in the Legislative Assembly. Why would your Government spend millions to advertise….shouldn’t the “new and improved” rates speak for themselves??? WE WANT AND DESERVE A REFUND.. IT’S CALLED RESTITUTION FOR FRAUD VICTIMS and that’s exactly what we all are (victims)……

    When my bills went from approx $800.00 per month down to $163.00 there’s a MAJOR problem in that we know we were overcharged. On May 21st, 2014 we were billed $3,121.67 out of the blue (supposedly those brilliant overpaid people who run Hydro One had not estimated our “equal billing” correctly). Their mistake not mine as we had phoned in our meter readings and then sent them via their website and were later told they weren’t “set up to record the meter readings” (again their words not mine). Total amount to be automatically withdrawn on June 9, 2014 – was stated on this bill of May 21st., 2014, how many Ontarians do you think keep funds in these amounts in their chequing accounts? It may be noted here that some neighbors received bills at this time in excess of $12,000.00 and I’m referring to residential not businesses accounts.

    So please don’t try to tell me monies aren’t owed to us.

    Anne & Wayne Yarrow
    725 Island Phyllis, Lot 2
    Temagami, Ontario
    P0H 1C0

    (705) 237-8668