Safety First when Handling Fireworks!

The North West Region Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Canada Safety Council are reminding all residents to put safety first when handling fireworks.


With Canada Day long weekend approaching many people are getting ready to host firework exhibitions to celebrate. This is a great option to get out and enjoy the festivities, however the OPP wants to remind all that safety needs to be the top priority.


Some safety tips for hosting your own fireworks display are below:


Never allow children to light or handle fireworks

  • Only use fireworks in a safe location – well away from people
  • Make sure the wind is blowing away from crowds or bystanders
  • Never ignite fireworks while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Always wear eye protection
  • Always wear protective, fire-resistant clothing when igniting fireworks
  • Stand clear of fireworks once they are lit
  • Always have first aid equipment and access to fresh water nearby
  • Keep pets indoors and secure when lighting fireworks

For more information, please visit

The OPP is wishing everyone an enjoyable and most importantly, a safe Canada Day long weekend.

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