Our New Goose – in 15 Days…

Jun 16, 2017 @ 23:22


After the great gathering on June 8th, residents have been anxiously waiting. Today, that wait is over. Patrick, Tyler and Jeff from Research Casting are making things happen.


They are busy preparing the Wawa Goose Monument’s base for its transformation from a plain concrete box to a massive chunk of rock. Once the bronze monument markers were removed, the placing of the steel supports has begun. To these supports the new ‘rock’ will be attached.


Work will continue here in Wawa, as the new goose heads for her new paint job. Although she would be simply stunning in a coppery colour – she needs to be painted!


Details of the unveiling on July 1st are still unknown, but Wawa-news can tell you that Wilderness Helicopters will be flying around the goose – weather permitting. Stay tuned for more updates!




One comment

  1. Jeanette Nelson

    sorta weepy seeing it go..this Goose deserves a medal for it’s good service through the decades??