Royal Bank to close Dubreuilville Branch

Apr 19, 2017 @ 12:14

The Dubreuilville Branch of the Royal Bank of Canada will be closed October 26, 2017.

Currently, the branch is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12 – 3 p.m. to provide services to the residents of Dubreuilville. The Royal Bank of Canada has provided banking services to the residents of Dubreuilville for 40+ years. At one time RBC staff from Wawa had to travel the gated, dirt road to provide banking services before the highway was built.

Dubreuilville is just beginning to see an economic recovery with the continuing operations of Richmont, and the positive prospects of Argonaut’s Magino Project.

This closure will pose significant problems for residents and businesses. Once the branch closes, there will be no financial services in the community, including deposit, withdrawal, mortgage, retirement planning, etc.

The nearest Royal Bank of Canada is located in Wawa, 75 kilometres away.

Wawa-news has reached out to Robin Maj, Wawa Branch Manger on Tuesday afternoon, but has not yet received a call back.

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  1. Just a positive comment. Dubreuilville is misspelled a couple times. Dont take it the wrong way I just want you to know so you can fix it if you want…..

    (Thanks for letting me know about the spelling. Brenda)

    About closing the bank its a joke! What a group of clown not thinking about the north. This would not happen in ottawa, the soo or sudbury! And the suggestion is helarious just travel to wawa. Hell most resident already goes 3/4 time a week. I feel bad for the folks that don’t do any banking. The internet is terrible in dubreuil already….!