Government Dock – Waves and Ice


It was so beautiful Saturday, the sun was bright and sunny. I think that this was the first sunny day in nearly a month – or at least it seems that way. Everyone was bright and cheery, reflecting the sun in their faces. Deciding to take the afternoon off and enjoy the weather, Marcus and I headed to our favourite spot, Government Dock.


The wind was steady, and without any ice to impede them, the waves rolled up on the shore. Every now and then, you could see a chunk of ice, embedded with sand and worn by the waves. Clinging to the rocks were icicles with caps of snow and ice. Each smashing wave, if it didn’t knock the icicle off, grew it by tiny layer after tiny layer.


It was an adventure trying to time waves smashing on the rocks, but eventually, a wave rushed up and kissed our boots. Well, not so much as kissed them as ‘smothered them with love’. We had soakers! After only about 15 minutes of walking on the beach, we were trudging back up the shoreline to the truck. Cold, wet feet in the winter is not a great idea or feeling!

Once warm, we decided to see what Michipicoten Bay looked like from the Lookout. From there we could see a ribbon of ice, way out in the bay. It stretched from the point at Government Dock to the Lighthouse. I’m not sure we will see any great amount of ice coverage on Lake Superior this year.



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  1. Love the beautiful photography that Wawa-news takes and shares. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the return.