WFSC Gala – “Our Music Videos”…

The Wawa Winter Carnival ended with the gala performance of skaters from the Wawa Figure Skating Club. WFSC “Our Own Music Videos” was opened by the singing voice of Haley Filion who sang “O Canada”. Once again the gala was announced by the wonderful voice of Freda Gatz.

The opening number was performed by all the WFSC skaters in “The Music in Me”, and skaters went on to perform “Drama Queen”, “The Chicken Dance”, “Kung Fu Dancing” and “Locomotion” to name a few. The audience was also treated to performances by Jory and Kayley Kettles who performed their programs that they will present at the Provincials. It is always amazing to see the Level 1 “Beginners” come out on the ice, some with very hesitant steps, but bravely not the less, and then see the graceful skating of the Seniors realizing that once upon a time, they were hesitant too. A wonderful performance by all, and a great end to the Wawa Winter Carnival.

Brenda Stockton
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