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Lighting it up for Eddy tonight! Let’s Roll!!

An incredible tribute to Eddy K. Lefrançois in Dubreuilville tonight. A man who lived his life to the fullest and beyond was remembered tonight with 398 ice candles. The ice candles were sold for $10 as a fundraiser for Eddy’s cause – ALS Canada and 252 were sold!   At 7 p.m. tonight despite the bitter cold, the ice candles ...

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Lefrançois, Eddy

Parti rejoindre ses parents,  à l’âge de 49 ans,  après une longue bataille de 26 ans contre la SLA, le vendredi 4 janvier 2019 au centre hospitalier Lady Dunn de Wawa. Il laisse dans le deuil; sa sœur Lise (Rock Michaud), son frère Guy (Véronique Hamelin), ses nièces et neveux Jessica Michaud (Patrick Brunette) , Brielle, Caleb, Zackaël et Miguel ...

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Remembering our Friend, Eddy Lefrançois, ALS Canada Ambassador

  From ALS Canada We are heartbroken to share with you that Eddy Lefrançois, ALS Canada Ambassador, passed away earlier today – a tremendous loss for the ALS community of a champion, advocate and friend. Diagnosed with ALS in 1992 with a prognosis of three to five years to live, Eddy became a force within the ALS community, showing the ...

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