Government of Ontario is hosting Exercise Heatwave today in 6 Municipalities

As part of Emergency Preparedness Week, the Government of Ontario is hosting Exercise Heatwave, a large-scale simulated exercise which will reinforce provincial procedures and response to heat-related emergencies.

“Exercise Heatwave is a valuable opportunity to practise and plan for our response to potential extreme heat emergencies,” said Caroline Mulroney, President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for Emergency Management. “Planning exercises like this one will play a critical role in keeping Ontarians safe while reducing economic strain and minimizing impacts on our infrastructure and environment.”

Exercise Heatwave is part of the government’s multi-year Provincial Exercise Program to strengthen the province’s emergency plans and whole-of-government emergency response. The exercise will help enhance coordination and collaboration between government and non-governmental partners during future emergencies. Six municipalities will participate, including Guelph, Mississauga, Peterborough, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay and Toronto, along with three federal government departments and more than 50 non-governmental organizations.

Exercise Heatwave, which takes place between May 7 and 9, will not affect the public and no provincial services will be impacted.

As part of Emergency Preparedness Week, the province is also reminding Ontarians of the steps they can take to keep safe during heat-related and other emergencies, including:

  • Making an emergency plan that considers everyone’s needs in your household;
  • Building an emergency preparedness kit with year-round essentials and seasonal items such as sunscreen and bug spray;
  • Being aware of the signs of heat-related illnesses such as heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke and know what actions to take if you experience any of these symptoms; and
  • Checking in regularly on individuals who may be more susceptible to heat.

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