Noble Mineral Exploration Inc., holds Annual General & Special Meeting of Shareholders

Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. held an Annual General and Special Meeting of shareholders on February 22, 2023. (the “AGM”). At the AGM, the shareholders approved the re-election of management’s nominees to the Board of Directors: J. Birks Bovaird, Yvan Champagne, Michael Newbury, Samuel Peralta, and H. Vance White; re-appointed MNP LLP as the Company’s auditor for the upcoming year and fix their renumeration; and approved the Amended and Restated 2022 Equity Incentive Plan of the Company.

Following the AGM, the Board of Directors re-appointed the officers of the Company to the positions they previously held.  In addition, the Board confirmed that the Audit Committee would continue to be comprised of Michael Newbury, J. Birks Bovaird and Yvan Champagne, and the ESG, Nominating and Compensation Committee will be comprised of J. Birks Bovaird, Michael Newbury and Samuel Peralta.

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