Building electric vehicles in Canada to create jobs and a cleaner future for everyone

January 17, 2023
Windsor, Ontario

From mining, to manufacturing, to charging, Canadian businesses and workers are attracting historic investments in the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain. When electric vehicles are made from Canadian minerals, assembled by Canadian auto workers, and powered at Canadian-made chargers, we secure and create jobs, grow our economy, and keep our air clean now and into the future.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today visited the facilities of automaker Stellantis N.V. in Windsor, Ontario. Last year, the Government of Canada announced an investment of up to $529 million in project funding for Stellantis, securing thousands of good-paying jobs, by funding the modernization of its assembly plants and producing EVs. These collaborative investments in the Canadian auto sector are strengthening global EV supply chains and positioning Canada as a global leader in EV innovation.

While in Windsor, the Prime Minister also visited the Centre for Hybrid Automotive Research and Green Energy (CHARGE) Lab at the University of Windsor to discuss their research and development centre for EV batteries, which further supports the development of made-in-Canada EV batteries.

Canadian workers and businesses are already leading on clean energy and technology, and the components that go into it. As demand continues to grow, positioning Canada as a reliable supplier will create even more Canadian jobs, grow our economy, and cut pollution to help fight climate change.


“For decades, Canadian autoworkers have been part of building a strong Canadian economy – now, they’re leading the way to make sure that stays true for decades more to come. We’ll stand with workers every step of the way. By making Canada a global leader on electric vehicles, including manufacturing, we secure jobs, grow our economy, and keep our air clean for our kids.”, The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“As more and more Canadians move to electric vehicles, we’re working hard to make sure they’re built right here in Canada. Thanks to our strong partnership with Stellantis, Canada is cementing its position as a global leader in the EV supply chain. This means good jobs for Canadian workers, a cleaner future, and a stronger and more resilient economy.”, The Hon. François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Justin Trudeau


  1. Ah, yes. The Canadian business mentioned is attracting investments…but who else besides the Canadian taxpayers invested in this new venture into electric cars. The owners of the company are an Italian-American conglomerate, Fiat Chrysler partnered with a French company, with their headquarters in Amsterdam. We know where the profits will go. The news release doesn’t mention the terms of the investment. Is it a loan and what are the terms? Are we buying part ownership in the business. Jobs are great but owning the business and sharing profits as well is better.

    We have seen major taxpayer contributions to the automakers in the past only to see plants shut down shortly afterwards. Hopefully, we are not repeating our mistakes.

    And, how much did we pay all our outside consultants to advise us on this “investment”?