1. Hello Brenda,

    Thanks for the update on Wawa to White River Hwy-17 closure but this does not tell anything about the time when it was closed, the time till will be closed and when did this came into affect as the normal warnings of closure subside in 12 hour time period.

    It’s very important to reflect on those important information pieces or else it just looks like a “single line for gossip or fun” like “Road Closed”. I mean what next? When, what how long. We are the people stranded on various stops/junctions on Hwy-17 and loiter more concrete information helps us all.

    Is it possible? Please advise.


    EDITOR – It is possible for me to put the closure time – but to let you know when it will reopen… Well, that depends on Mother Nature. Weather closures can last hours or days along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Winter travellers should be prepared for closures – ESPECIALLY i you are travelling during a Winter Weather Travel Advisory. If you wish, the details on closures are found on ON511.

  2. I would recommend that when you post a time when the highway is closed/opened that you also include whether it is P.M. or A.M.

    Thank you.

    Editor: Normally I use the 24hr clock to reference posts.