Young’s Featured Attraction of Today – Bear family

The bear is just visible in the garbage bin.


Young’s General Store has a many-faceted history. From Bill’s ‘ass’, to Henrietta, the Moose, pickles, sausage and fudge – Young’s General Store offers many treats to go with the history.


Today, was no different. A mother bear and her cub were rummaging in the garbage bin – and the little one couldn’t get out. So with a little help from Provost Contracting, the mother bear was able to retrieve her cub from the bin, and they went on their way.


This had to be a thrill for those lucky tourists who not only got to see a bear, but to see two and the help that they needed.


UPDATE from Young’s General Store: If visiting the store please be aware that a mother bear and cubs have been hanging around the back of the store. If you see them, please don’t try to approach them. They are hungry and mom has shown aggression.


...and away they go.