Vacant Lots – “somebody should do something”

Every day, driving by the end of Regina Crescent to the trail to walk my dog, it irks me to see the garbage along the vacant lots, where the rabbits should be able to run free. The old saying “somebody should do something” always crossed my mind… and I realized the first step is always the hardest. After cleaning highways for over 20 years, what stopped me to do a little clean-up in my neighborhood again?

The day was cool, no bugs yet, took some garbage bags, and put the embarrassing feeling of being a garbage picker in the lowest drawer of my mind. After all, I live on Regina Crescent, and when we built our house in the early 1970’s, it was considered a “prime location”. So, let me get on my soapbox: picking up only the obvious trash was my intention, to make it cosmetically pleasant, but when I looked deeper into the bushes, I realized the task was “bigger than a bread box”! One house, in particular, is surrounded by garbage, bicycles, toys, etc. I have complained to the bylaw officer many times before, but no action was taken. It is always somebody else’s job.

In three hours, I filled four large trash bags, collected numerous beer and pop cans, and some bigger items, but refused any heavy stuff such as car parts, big boxes, carpet pieces, tools, pails, and other stuff.

So, with this garbologist report, I address my concerns to the mayor, council, bylaw officer, landowner, and whoever else is in charge to look into whose responsibility it is to keep the area clean and not use the empty lots for private garbage dumps. I hope to see some progress from the “higher-ups” in our little community, to take good care of the place we all call home. Our fields and open landscapes should be used for nature and enjoyment, not for dumping construction scraps and household trash. I hope to see my previous efforts bring some action this time.

Editor’s Note: Wawa-news called the Municipality, and complaints regarding pr0perty standards should be made in writing to the Municipality for action.

Karin Grundt
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