APH – 3 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 (#182 – #184)

Algoma Public Health (APH) is reporting 3 new cases of COVID-19. One is from Central & East Algoma and 2 are from Elliot Lake & area.

Through contact tracing, Algoma Public Health notifies all close contacts directly. If you are not contacted by Algoma Public Health you are not considered a close contact.


Details of the confirmed cases:

Status Tested
Case #182 Unknown Self-isolating Feb 5, 2021
Case #183 Unknown Self-isolating Feb 3, 2021
Case #184 Close contact Self-isolating Feb 3, 2021


Unknown exposure means the person did not have recent international travel or close contact with a known confirmed case.  How the person acquired the virus is not known.

Close contact means the person acquired their infection through close contact with a known confirmed case.  For example, living together with a case, or spending more than 15 minutes with a case while less than 2 metres apart, are considered high-risk close contact exposures.



Tested (1)  Confirmed
cases (2)


cases (3)
87,789 184 28 2 156 2
Updated: February 7, 2021, 7:45 p.m.

(1) That Algoma Public Health is aware of.

(2) Algoma residents who have confirmed COVID-19 infection.

*The number in brackets are active cases in non-Algoma residents who are temporarily in Algoma.  These cases are not counted as part of Algoma’s confirmed case count.  APH conducts contact tracing and monitoring of self-isolation for all cases within Algoma.

(3) Patient tested positive but is resolved according to current public health criteria. This number includes any persons who are deceased.

  • These data sets are preliminary and subject to change, pending further review.
  • Confirmed positives will be reported as soon as publicly available.