From the Branch – November 25

As my paper was delivered and the carrier was donning a mask I was thinking after what a change  from last spring. And it must be hard to understand as a child to be told the NEW way of living with the threat of danger and having to watch the behaviour of strangers who can threating your life just by being there.

This was the same when I was 9 in 1940 and the war started and already before the real thing men were called up to defend our country and became soldiers overnight, and our school which became a army barrack. We were told to do certain things to stay alive as taping up our windows so no glass would hurt us after bomb explosions. So we stayed at home and did not go play outside much just like the kids today. But after the Occupation we had to learn to live with the situation and live as normal as possible. And we got used to having to line up for food at a neighbourhood kitchen to get a pan of hot food and take that home for a meal. A curfew was started and nobody could be out in the evening.  We had to close all the drapes so NO light could be shining so bombers would not know were the town was. And we were told what to do and when to do it and that were the rules.

Today, in our large cities the same things are happening and we have to listen to our government to the rules which change as the danger of Covid 19 increases. At my age now I understand but our youngsters are learning a hard lesson and some who are losing family will be asking “WHY”.

At the Branch we are slowly trying to get things going but we also have to overcome the new rules and regulations. But I am looking forward to the Senior Dinner and to have a night out (with my mask).

After airborne troops landed in Holland at the end of the war people picked up parachutes

And made clothing for the ladies with the silk which was fine except for panties,

They for some reason kept coming DOWN a lot.


To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.





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