Thank you – Wawa’s Moose Saviour

Dear Mr. Morin.

On behalf of my family located in Victoria, British Columbia, I want to recognize your bravery and thank you for your caring spirit. Saving the life of that struggling moose is something truly sensational.

There are few people in this world that would have the compassion to do what you and your friends did.

In a world under attack by greed, selfishness and ignorance, it is very heart warming to see someone like you take control of and repair what could have been a tragic situation.

The world needs more people like you. Be safe.

Bob Herr,

Victoria, British Columbia



For those who are not familiar – Wayne Benoit took a spectacular video showing Steve Morin and his fellow angler, grabbing the moose by the antlers and bringing him back to shore. The anglers were out fishing for Lake Trout/Salmon in Michipicoten Bay just off of Driftwood Beach. The anglers were assisted by several kayakers who helped shepherd Bruce to shore.

This moose, Bruce as he has become know has been seen in the immediate area of Rock Island Lodge, Driftwood Beach, and Fort Friendship this summer.

Wayne commented on his video, “This moose is blind in one eye and is possibly infected with brain worm. He was swimming in circles out in Lake Superior and was in need of immediate assistance. Very sick fella but he made it one more day!

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  1. This is great but this act was not done alone as per the picture there needs to be some recognition of the owner and driver of the boat who assisted in this rescue as well- Chris Fournier –

    Well Done Guys!!!

    Editor’s Note – I did write about the ‘team’ and the kayakers…