The Moose are Out!

Stolen from SE OPP Tweet. The moose has been blurred to protect the identity 🙂


Serious, but not-life threatening injuries were incurred in this recent collision with a moose/

The moose are out in full force. In what appears to be record numbers, many residents have reported to Wawa news that the moose are out and about, taking refuge from the flies by standing near the highway. There may be more of a breeze standing just out of the treeline, ditches, and sometimes even in the middle of the road. Remember as well that the moose have no regard for oncoming traffic, and will go any which way they want even it brings them into your path. Hitting a moose is no joke, and may case serious injury or death. They also have no sense of time and can be seen wandering the highway at any time of day OR night.


Please drive with care. Be sure to nlist your passenger in the front seat for moose patrol. They are never to young or old to be watching for moose in the ditches and on the road.


Drive Safe!

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